Youth Ministry

         1) ‘Revival among Young Men and Evangelism through Young Men’ is another one slogan of ours.

             Bringing a revival among young men is our passion.


         2) In order to achieve this end we organize Youth Prayer Cells, which generally comes under the

             banner, ‘Students for Jesus ( SFJ)’. Jolly Meet and Sozos are organized with an emphasis on

             Salvation. These are generally one-day programmes.


        3) 3-day camps , Halo and Aroma are conducted with the same emphasis on Salvation, Holy Spirit

            and Missionary Challenge.


        4) Outreach Programmes are planned for the students to get involved in local evangelism.


        5) SMP- Students Missionary Programmes are organized in mission fields so that the students get a

            first-hand knowledge of missionary work and challenges.


        6) Manava Malar in Tamil and Yuva Jagat in Hindi are 2 youth magazines especially designed for



       7) Apart from these main programmes, Music Training, Counselling Programmes, Exam- Goers

           Meet and several other need-based programmes are conducted for the benefit of the youth.

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