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 1) We cannot close our eyes when we come across people in need. And so needy people are given a

     chance to make their both ends meet.

 2) Our own believers face lot of needs in terms of education and health. And so Blessing hostels, Day

     Care Centres act as place of hope for several hundred poor children.

 3) Poor are sorted our and are given food and grains.

 4) Projects are implemented in partnership with various agencies like INDIENHILFE, Compassion and

     EFICOR so that the poor are reached somehow.

 5) Medical centres and Medical camps serve the medical need of people living in utter darkness.

 6) Tailoring Centres, Computer Centres and help for poor continues to bring smiles on the faces of needy.

 7) Apart from these things, emergency relief related to Flood, Persecution and Other natural calamities          are also undertaken.


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