Revival Ministry

Blessing Youth Mission is basically a revival mission. It started with revival and it proceeds with revival.

Revivals are God- brought. But as instruments of Revival we need to strive for it and work for it.


1) The main ingredient of revival is Prayer. So we organize prayer cells, prayer meetings aimed at revival.

2) One of our Slogan is, ‘Holy Spirit Revival and New Testament Evangelism’ and so we organize 

    Holy Spirit Rallies and Revival Camps like Blesso, Revivo are designed in the following way:

       Day 1 - Message of Salvation

       Day 2 - Baptism of Holy Spirit

       Day 3 - Missionary Challenge

      Also specific themes are meditated upon based on the theme of the year.

3) Women play an important role in revival. One day retreats for women are organized for them for

     prayer and missionary mobilization.

4) Missionary Evenings and Mission Sundays are organized to gather support for our missionary


5) Needy Land Tours( NLT) are organized to spread awareness among the Christians about the missionary

    work and needs.

6) Raising Partners and Pledge Collectors are also important ingredients of revival ministry. 

7) In order to equip the believers , various meetings like Teachers Conference, Bible Study Programmes,

    Family Seminars, Pastors Conference are organized.

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