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Educational Help for Missionary Children


Good education is expensive these days. The regular allowances paid to the Missionaries each month are not sufficient for them to educate their children. Because of poor educational facilities in places where the Missionaries are working, most of the children are sent to boarding schools and colleges elsewhere. Unless the educational needs of the children are taken care of, their Missionary parents cannot do the ministry with peace of mind.

  • In order to help the Missionary children in this area, we grant them a special ALLOWANCE at the beginning of each academic year. We pay a monthly Education Allowance also.
  • For higher education, a Fund is created from which educational ADVANCES are paid. The children are expected to pay them back without interest in easy instalments when they begin to earn.

We request our readers to make a special contribution this month towards this huge financial need. We must have the funds ready in the beginning of the new academic year itself. When you care for the Missonaries’ children as your children, God will be pleased. You and your children will be rewarded by Him.

We thank you very much for helping us give quality education for the children of your missionaries year after year. Every year some of the children graduate and take up a career. some have started to pay back the loan. We look forward to the day when these children will take up the responsibility of educating the missionary children. The BYM missionary children who hold jobs today tha you all very much with a greatful heart for what you have done to them.

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