Literature Ministry

Reading is an important Christian discipline. Growth as a Christian disciple is closely tied to the reading of the Bible, as well as devotional Christian books. Great men of God and the spiritual teachers all through the ages have understood the power of Christian literature. Even though the electronic media have so much accessibility, the worth and importance of printed books has not diminished. The digital screens are not the venue for lengthy, thoughtful and serious readings. Recognizing the vitality of literature, our mission has championed the production and promotion of the quality literature.

The mission has produced around 53 original titles. Many of which has been translated to Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali and Assamese.Also the Blessing Literature Centre at Chindatripet, Chennai is the nerve centre of the Literature production. Thanks to the writing ministry of Mr. R.Stanley and Dr. Mrs. Lilian Stanley, who have written most of these books.

In order to promote these literature the mission undertakes, Literature Drive Programme(LDP) through which the literature reaches the needy people. Also the literature stock is handled by volunteers called as BLDs ( Blessing Literature Distributors) located in various cities all over India.

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