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Saving money for the old age is not lack of faith but it is practical wisdom. Compulsory savings schemes and provident funds operate on this principle. We in Blessing Youth Mission withhold 10.5 % of the basic allowance of the missionaries each month and contribute an equal amount from the Mission and deposit it in the bank to be given to the missionary on retirement. The age of retirement is 58. As such there is no pension scheme in BYM or any such faith Mission in India.

Beginning with 1 October 1998, the World Seniors Day, the Blessing Youth Mission is setting up a fund called Missionaries Old Age Fund to help the retiring missionaries in whatever way possible according to their personal needs and family background. Some of them won't even own a small house to live in.

We appeal to you, dear Readers of Blessing and friends of BYM, to remember this Fund when you get bonuses or retirement benefits, sell or divide properties. Tell your Christian friends about this. God bless you as you honour His servants!

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