"I will bless them and the places surrounding My hill.  I will send down showers in season;

there shall be showers of blessing."

Ezek 34:26


About BYM

 was founded in 1971 with a vision to work for Revival among the youth and Evangelism through the youth. Started as a Campus ministry it has now grown into a cross-cultural, inter-denominational, missionary organisation working through fulltime missionaries and outreach teams.

BYM is a movement of the Holy Spirit. The great work is wrought through youth and literature as a means for revival and social concern as a compliment to the church planting ministry. The five-fold ministries of BYM are Revival, Youth, Church Planting, Literature and Social concern.

The Mission publishes books and a periodical titled BLESSING in various Indian languages. The activities of BYM include Camps and Rallies for students, Revival Retreats, Bible Study Seminars, Discipleship and Leadership Training Programmes, Outreach in Villages and Tribal Areas, Medical and Relief Works, Homes and Schools for Tribal Children, and Church Planting in virgin soils.

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From the Chairman

Send Us A Revival!

            As we have entered into yet another year, our hearts long for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Lord who visited the early apostles with might and power, will He not visit us once again? This was the longing of the Psalmist as he prayed, “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?”(Psa 85:6).

The year 2015 was declared by Blessing Youth Mission as ‘The Year of Victory.’ Indeed we had many successful programmes in the last year. In Tamil Nadu, we had Blesso, Aroma and Revivo. In the North, we had Halo in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat. God blessed all these meetings. There were minor disturbances in M.P, Rajasthan and Odisha, but God protected our missionaries. The National Staff Retreat (NSR-2015) was a big success. We introduced the Individual Mentorship Programme(IMP), by which we have allotted one Mentor for each missionary family. ESAP ‘A Prayer cell in Every Street’ was launched in the month of February. EFAM ‘A Missionary for Every Family’ was introduced in Mumbai Key Persons Meet in the month of November, the details of which will be published in the forthcoming issue of the Magazine. All these initiatives are a direct result of the Bless Bharat project that we had launched in 2014. Continue to pray for this project as we have started to reap tangible results. But we need to proceed further. We have planned to revise the allowances of the missionaries. We are also planning to form an ‘Online Desk’ to cater to the spiritual needs of the online community.  The idea of ‘Hope Centre’- a place for young people for spiritual care and counselling is planned first in Jaipur, Rajasthan. On the Church planting front we are proceeding for indigenisation of our congregations. We have planned an orientation in this regard for the missionaries.

But all these efforts would go in vain if God the Holy Spirit would be set aside. He should be our focus. He should fill us and empower us. He should transform us. He should play a vital role in the decision making process. He should be our leader. Only then can we experience the mighty outpouring of the Spirit.  The Blessing Youth Mission has declared 2016 as the ‘Year of Holy Spirit Revival.’ Let us earnestly desire the abundant life that comes through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Let us not be satisfied with our spiritual experiences of the past. Let us aim for the life as in the New Testament Church. Let us plead for a mighty revival. Let us not compromise with our personal time with God. Let holiness be our watch word. Let us long for revival; let us pray for revival and let us labour for revival. 

All our meetings in this year will be based on this theme. We shall be meditating upon the subject of ‘Holy Spirit Revival’ in our Magazine. Let us thirst for a personal and corporate revival. Let Revival begin amongst us and let it spread all over the Nation. Let the showers begin!

Thanks for all your cooperation  that I received in the past years. A big thanks for all the people who work tirelessly for the welfare of the Mission. Let God repay you for all that you have been doing. On behalf of BYM missionaries, leaders and the General Overseer Mr. A. Lionel I wish you a prosperous and a blessed New Year 2016!


- T. Dickson Daniel Moses

Blessing Magazine


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